Questions and Answers

This page is for our customers for whom we have been doing individual websites. 
It provides information to help you make the transition after NMT Web Designs, LLC shuts down 12/31/2016. 

How do I find out when my domain name will expire?
This web page is a good place to start:   Remember that a domain name does not include the letters "www."   An example of a domain name is:


Is there a person or company who can set up a website for us?
We have never worked with Rhonda nor Shadow directly.  However, they are local and may be able to help you.
Rhonda Schultz
Silver Cricket Designs
Phone: (615) 891-0016

Shadow Smith
Shadow Smith Web Design
Phone: (615) 388-5385



Should I transfer my domain name to me or to the new person/company that is chosen?
Of course, it's always safest to have control of your own domain name.  We use for all of our domains.  If you set up an account with them (, we can transfer your domain to your account in a couple of minutes.  (All you would need to tell us is the name of your account.)

Many people use  We can transfer your domain to godaddy, but it's more complicated and takes about a week for the transfer to go through.   You would need to create a godaddy account, then initiate a domain transfer on your domain.   This will initiate a string of e-mails between us, godaddy and you.

There are about 5,000 other domain registrars in the world.  You may choose any of them.

Once you have the domains in an account you control, your webmaster should be able to tell you how to point the domains to your website.  This is usually done by entering two "nameserver" names.  This is an example of a nameserver name: NS0.NS0.COM  


If the domain name is transferred to me, would it be cheaper to renew it for a longer period of time than one year?
Some domain registrars may offer lower prices for multiple years.  (You can only have a domain registered for up to 10 years.)  Keep in mind that a registrar who charges $36 for the first year is more likely to give you a discount for multiple years than one who charges $15 for the first year.   


I want to do a new website myself.  Any ideas?
We are not recommending any of these companies.  However, we know a lot of people are using them.  Most have a free trial period where you can experiment.  When you have created a website you like, e-mail Charlie and we will turn your existing domain over to you.  Then you can direct your existing domain to the new website.

Some of these advertise you can set up a free website.  However, keep in mind that a company can't stay in business if they don't charge money for something.  Be sure to read the "extras" price list.  As the car salesman says, "Oh, you wanted wheels with your car?"